i’m no clairvoyant but i do believe some things are meant to be.
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1st September the Hogwarts Express leaves London at precisely eleven o’clock in the morning, and arrives at Hogsmeade Station sometime after nightfall.

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"you’ve dropped some fairly ridiculous lies on me, and yet… i still feel like i can trust you."

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“Look at me, America.”

I blinked a few times and pulled my gazeup to his eyes. Through the pain, he smiled at me.

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

“Shhh,” I urged.

“I’ll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours. I don’t want to die without you knowing that.”

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America and Maxon

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The 100 (2014-present)
"Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”
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I look around at us and you know what I see? Losers… I mean like, folks who have lost stuff.

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